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Earlham Institute Website

New organisation website


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This project was run over the period of 12 months, in partnership with Mosaic Digital. Earlham Institute needed a new website to reflect both a new brand and a complete change of organisational direction. The new site was planned to be built from scratch, keeping nothing from the old one - no architecture, content, infrastructure, code, or design.

With a significant budget available and board-level support, I wrote a detailed and technically demanding brief which went out to around 15 digital agencies. I led the proposal sifting process and interviewed the shortlisted agencies, along with the Institute's senior management team.

We chose to partner with Mosaic Digital, a Brighton-based digital agency with extensive experience in developing large, complex Drupal sites - which is exactly what was needed to deliver a project of this size and complexity.

The Institute's previous website was built in CMSMadeSimple, a low-level CMS with poor functionality and a skeleton infrastructure, and used a convoluted and bloated information architecture.

The previous website, which was no longer serving the needs of the Institute.

The first stage of the project was to completely rework the site architecture, which had to be both very simple and cater for a vast range of edge cases, as well as meeting the needs of an Institute with a range of staff from scientists, technologists, administrators, lab technicians, and many more.

When the new architecture was finalised, the top level navigation options were reduced from 19 to 4, from the previous site: Science, Services, Learning, and Stories, with a specially designed secondary navigation taking care of organisational things like people, jobs, and contact details.

Using the latest web technologies to drive growth

We chose to work with Drupal along with a system, built on top of the core platform, developed by Mosaic, which adds an enormous amount of functionality and advanced CMS features to our already strong digital infrastructure.

With the system we are able to change, in precise detail, every aspect of each page in essentially a template-less environment, across five mobile breakpoints.

We then built the pages of the site using this system and added in our content, which was entirely rewritten from scratch for the site - totalling over 800 pages.

Mosaic handled the design work on the site and did a fantastic job, prompted by our original brief of stunning content and simple, but stunning presentation.

Examples of the stunning content possible with the Cohesion system from Mosaic Digital.

View the website.


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